About Us

Antheia comes from Greek terms, means the Goddess of love and flowers.
We are experienced since 2004 to capture lovely natural moments in one picture.
We provide TEAM and FACILITIES as one management to support our photographers and cinematographers. Beside great results, we believe every single client needs good service by the process and facilities provided. Those are our ultimate vision and we are here to serve the best to your hand.
With our team and our facilities, the process of creating your story will be easier and more efficient. As we present, Good Result + Good Service = Perfect Match. Just like you are :)

Our Team

MARKETING Will help you to give suggestions to decide on package that is suitable to your need.
STYLIST Will help you to arrange outfit for your upcoming photo session, to assist you arranging every details you need (hotel, transportation, etc), and to keep the budget on track.
EDITOR & DESIGNER Will suggest the design, paper materials, etc those are suitable for your photo album, as an added value to create better result for your photo/video.
CUSTOMER RELATION Will make sure your album will be finished on time by keeping track on the timeline of post-photoshoot and production process.

Our Facilities

Our office opens Monday-Friday 08.30-17.30 and Saturday 08.30-14.00.
Outside wedding, we also spread our wings to make sure every bit of your life get together in pictures: maternity, baby, family, graduation, events, etc.
Our studio is provided with different types of decorations. It will be a very good alternative for you who don’t have time for outdoor photo shoot, and of course, with the same great result.




With his strong attention to detail, there is no doubt that Ray will always bring pictures exceeding your expectations to your hand. A friendly and easy going person, he is the kind of guy you can hang out with to share good times together. He is into capturing romantic moments and to catch chemistry between couple, their love expressions, and the romance. Experienced for many years, his skills make him a great photographer. Together with the ability of cheering up the moments, Ray creates art that is beautifully and naturally organized in one frame.
He loves traveling and hunting traditional and unique culinary from different places. He believes that if we work with passion, we will open our mind for something new, and that makes you keep growing.



If you’re into gorgeous old style photography, Mike is the one you choose. It fits along with his personality, Mike is that type of a calm and cool guy. Moreover, he is such a family guy, sweet and caring. For a wedding photographer, this type of personality is important because you who else can capture sweetness in couple besides the one whose like that as well?
In the meantime, he enjoys spending time playing with his daughter and wife. He also cooks and is a foodie!



We can say that Alpha is a photographer with style, and to be a photographer to have style is important. It means that he knows exactly what kind of style he want to make on his photo. Alpha will bring you a clean, classy, effortless pictures, just something that you didn’t even realize when did he even get that expression of yours: bringing the best of you to the camera.


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