Darwin & Herlini

Korea by Ray

We remember the journey we had with Darwin and Herlini. Our photoshoot was quite blues during the first day. Just as we planned and scheduled everything, storm is coming. It was a huge one, rainy day, big storm.
We always prepare for the worst, but Darwin and Herlini, we must say, they are more than prepared. They have guts to face the storm and just take it in, with so much fun and enjoying each other presence..

This reminds us just before we fly to Seoul for the photoshoot session. This couple made us waiting in such worries because they applied the visa in last minutes.. and thankfully, their visa made it just a couple days before departure. Phew.

Anyhow, Darwin is a medical doctor, so we're not questioning him that surely all prepared and planned. Herlini is the younger sister of one of our former couple, Cynthia. We are always glad to have other member of the family entrusting their love journey with us.

That is why we call it a photoshoot journey, not a trip. And surely we are grateful to have Darwin and Herlini with us!

Photographed by Ray
Make Up by Endang Nozomi

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