Samuel & Olivia

Thailand by Ray

Everybody knows how to love, but only few people know how to stay in love with one person for a very long period of time.
For sure, Samuel and Olivia are the ones who know exactly how. They were school mates, and Samuel fell in love with the bubbly Olivia back then on junior high school. It's quite rare already to find couples who survive since high school. But them, man. Junior high school! They began to date eversince, and by many years.. 15 years to be exact.

When we first met them, we can say they are one of the most fenomenal couple. They have chemistry that can lighten up atmosphere, boosting our mood with their talk and laughters. Anyone would love to spend time with them for hours.

Now, enjoy their love story captured in our prewedding photos, and we hope this inspires you to make your own long beautiful love story.. just like Samuel and Olivia.

Photographed by Ray
Make up by Endang Nozomi

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