William & Stevanni

Bali by Ray

Some people said in order to be in love, you need chemistry. Love isn't something that exist just like that. Love is, some people believe, is something created from chemical reaction. There's some reasonable and biological statement about that, won't resist. And seeing William and Stevanni, we both agree and disagree.

They both have a really strong chemistry towards each other. They both look different but similar in the same time. We must say that Stevanni completes William, and vice versa. It's just like something normal and not to be over the top to say that they both made for each other. Truly loving and caring, and both are kind-hearted. Not to mention, fun!

They just got married and for all, we never hesitate that they will share a very beautiful marriage.

Photographed by Ray
Red Gown by Chandbride
Make up by Vina Sun

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