Jordan & Temmie WD

Jakarta by Mike

No matter how happy and joyous weddings are, sometimes (or maybe often times) we, photographers, find ourselves in the state of being tired. There will be a time that we need to clear up or mind, be prepared for the next session or rundown, and get ready - sometimes we only have a couple minutes. We know it's hard, but since we got our passion, we are driven by it. We love to see our clients the way they are - smiling all day, cheered by their family and friends, celebrating their love.

My, we didn't find ourselves tired at all at Jordan and Temmie's wedding. From the beginning til the end. How come? Temmie has tih power to bring people laugh - all the time. Synchronized with her, Jordan is the one who loves to be clown partner with her. Their wedding is one of the most cheerful wedding we ever had. Oh, by the way, Temmie's wedding dresses are all handmade and sewn by herself. Talking about passion and love!

Photographed by Mike
Gown by Temmie Tjhin
Venue at Mandarin Oriental Jakarta

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