Michel & Jessica WD

Jakarta by Ray

Sometimes, in order to look great, people tend to prepare something frilly, more patterns, more color, more this, and more that. The quote "less is more" is oftenly forgotten. With Jessica, everything is simple. Long sleek gown, that falls perfectly on her body, loose wavy hair with a little accent of the hair piece, off white hand bouquet, white decoration. But wow, simplicity at its best.

Michele is obviously a very supportive partner. He's fun guy to be around. Both of them knows what they want, and both are very good looking couple. This wedding is simply great and full of awesomeness. We really enjoy taking pictures of them, with their vibrant mood, and intimate wedding party that tells how they are loved by their friends and families.
We wish them the best!

Photographed by Ray
Make up by Andreas Zhu
Venue at Glass House, The Ritz-Carlton PP

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