James & Jesslyn WD

Jakarta by Mike

"Amor vincit omnia" is a latin proverb that means "love conquers all". In the history of the world, since the beginning, we always can find tragic love stories, where couples find issues, tragedies, problems, implications, just to be together. Biggest love stories that teach us how strong and immortal a true love is, always ended up in big tragedy. But, not to worry. It doesn't mean that if we want to taste just a single drop of love, we have to be in such a drama. The thing about love is, we always get something good we can learn in the end. How hard the situation is, we know we are getting the solution when we solve it together with the one we love. And that's what make a couple getting a lot stronger than ever.

We believe every couple shares this kind of struggle. Everywhere. Doesn't matter from where they are: the poorest who live in slum area, to the high-end who share jetset kind of living - we all share tiniest struggles to be together with our soulmate. And, back again, we always have that figured out: amor vincit omnia.

Photographed by Mike

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