Michael & Delicia WD

Jakarta by Ray

A wedding is not only a matter of two hearts joined together as one. A wedding is also a matter of two big families gather in a big celebration, sharing their love and honor to each other.

At Michael and Delicia wedding, you can feel the warm ambience since the beginning. They both are truly humble individuals. They respect each other, and that means they respect families and relatives from all levels. By all levels, we mean all. When it comes to cake ceremony, Bride and Groom will always give cakes to their parents and/or grand parents. Our heart was painted with warmth when Michael and Delicia specially requested to give a cake to Michael's long time baby sitter.

All in all, a very beautiful wedding that Michael and Delicia set a standard beyond measure. It is indeed the true one as the couple shares love not only to each other, but to everyone.

Photographed by Ray
Make up by Susy Kleo
Gown by Hian Tjen
Suit by Agus Lim
Organized by Eugene & Friends
Decoration by Lavender Decoration
Venue at Grand Hyatt Jakarta

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