Kevin & Cindy

Europe by Ray

This couple contacted us just teeny-tiny time left before we close our Europe trip. With just a month in advance, which is a very short time to prepare all: the fashion mood board, visa, settlement and else, we are delightful that they are easy to work with. Cindy was very excited that she can do their prewedding photo shoot together with their pre-summer trip.

This couple is really fun and easy-going, they blend in front of camera easily. Just like their outgoing personalities. Cindy is sweet and witty. Also to mention, very photogenic and posy in front of camera. Kevin is a famous DJ that happens to work together with famous artists and celebrities, he even managed to create a new single featuring Princess Syahrini!

We really enjoyed shooting Kevin and Cindy. And we know you might enjoy their album as well... and make yours :)

Photographed by Ray
MUA Santorini & Venice by Elly
MUA Paris by Endang Nozomi

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