Gio & Gisel

Bali by Ray

If we are talking about cute, innocent, and adorable people, we are instantly reminded of Giovanni and Giselle. This couple have them all: they are cute and adorable, as in they look young and fresh, they are innocent, as in they seem to believe that everything in this world is good and believable. So we made our photoshoot as our couple really fit into: a dreamy fresh young couple.

Take a look at their photos. Giselle with her ballerina figure, who once was a ballerina back when she was a little girl, and she still got it. She dances beautifully in most of our sessions, and how can we resist? They dance really well :)
Just like a song..

Could it be the music
Could it be the night
Like a supernova
It's burning in her eyes
She'll have you dancing for your life

Photographed by Ray

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