Shanty Maternity

Studio by Ray

Our studio had'nt been so full of cheers until the day Shanty took her family there. By family, we mean: Andy, her husband, and three puppies with their little paws.

Chi the Minipom Princess - she walks gorgeously on her tiny little paws to the studio. Looking around, barking a little to things alien to her, and then sits gracefully. High profile cuteness ball of fur!
Puu the Mighty Shihtzu - we are surprise by how cool Puu is. He is so cool that he can just walk through his fighting sisters and they stopped fighting. Surpisingly too, he has camera radar.
Looney the Frenchie - if you are looking for exercise, you find a perfect buddy. Looney will accompany you running and buldozing every inch of the room with her big smile and spirit!

After all, we are glad to prepare welcoming Andy and Shanty's little baby boy that day.
We wish them the best for their lovely family!

Photographed by Ray

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