"Saranghaeyo, Oppa!" - Harta & Hana WD

There's always something about Korean that makes us interested. Whether it's their beautiful country, or their great ability to promote their fusion of modern and traditional culture, but most of all, I think we agree that it is their bubbly-cute personalities that attract the most - especially the girls. They could act so cute like a little girl being excited on a merry-go-round, or innocently asking for a cotton candy in a mall.. all with one word: "Oppa!" and all guys melt.

We don't think that Harta fell in love with Hana just because of her cuteness saying the word Oppa, though. Hana is beyond that. She is a gorgeous Korean lady. We mean, look at Hana's mother. The first time we saw her on the wedding day, we instantly knew where Hana gets her elegance.
Harta, on the other hand, is real-fun. How so? He managed to dance greatly on the reception! Such a fun fusion wedding where the Bride and Groom dance altogether with the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen, not to mention the after party.

After all, we are so happy for them, and we hope that they both have a happy marriage ever after. ?? ??!

Photographed by Reynard Lingga
Make up by Adi Adrian
Venue at Intercontinental Jakarta MidPlaza

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