"Mr. Innocent & Mrs. Funky" - Thomas & Aileen WD

The wedding day of these two medical doctors was hilarious. Just like their prewedding photo session, we shared countless laughs.. simply by watching how Thomas and Aileen act to each other.

Thomas is way too innocent to be true. And by being innocent, of course sometimes you're made fun of.. in this case, by his own other half, Aileen. She loves to joke around and poke Thomas in a sweet way.

We really enjoy our time shooting this couple, because they are reminding us how to take everything easy, less being stressed, and that only genuine hearted people will understand the meaning of sharing love and joy.. just like Thomas and Aileen. Congratulations, lovebirds!

Make up by Vina Sun
Wedding gown by Fetty Rusli
Organized by Sausalito Wedding
Entertainment by David Entertainment

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